Episode 032 - Jerico Prater

Jerico Prater

Jerico Prater, Studio Design Technology Manager at Woods Bagot, joins us on the podcast to talk titles vs. roles, implementing agile workflows in architecture, Zach demos his Bjorn laptop idea, and Brian records all of his 'bits' for posterity.


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Show Notes:

  1. Let the rhythm take you over

  2. How to warm up your voice

  3. Material ConneXion is a members-only materials showroom in NYC

  4. Jerico Prater is the Design Technology Manager at Woods Bagot

  5. Formerly Gensler and CASE and some other stuff, too

  6. Arguably the greatest FEMALE architect of her generation

    1. More on this

  7. Zach is never in the moment

  8. Samuel L Jackson plays the same character in every movie

  9. Jerico gives this podcast a B/B-

  10. That’s what she said

  11. Brian is a master debater

  12. After a frustrating day of Dynamo the conclusion is to bring Don Rudder in for a Revit API workshop

  13. Dynamo needs a C# scripting node - but that’s what Zero-Touch is for

  14. Woods Bagot tricked Andrew Heumann into living in Dubai for April Fools Day

    1. Some other pranks:

      1. Google mic drop

      2. IFC categories in Revit

      3. Flux for MS Paint

  15. Getting rid of “assigned seating” at work

  16. Zach’s idea for a mobile computing unit aka “laptop bjorn”

  17. CORE Studio AEC Technology Hackathon 2015

  18. Designalyze interviewed Flux’s Jen Carlile and Kieran Timberlake’s Billy Faircloth at the Design Modeling Symposium in Copenhagen

  19. Hire people to tell you what to do (this actually was a Steve Jobs quote for once)

  20. Tim Dumatrait is our MIA fact-checker if anyone has seen him please let us know that he’s okay

    1. He was last seen at Popeye’s

  21. It’s Skyline Time

  22. Make sure to include a tiger in your Tinder pic

  23. Best apps to send dick pics

  24. Brian working on his bit list

  25. Brian’s alias is Cool Sex Falcon or Cool Sex for short

  26. BIM is so much more than Revit

  27. Job titles aren’t important

    1. Job titles are important

    2. These job titles are total bullshit

  28. Should there be BIM Managers?

  29. The patriarchy dies hard, not to be confused with Die Hard patriarchy

    1. Die Hard is racist

  30. The empirical relationship between arousal and performance

  31. The right person in the wrong position

  32. Education doesn’t end with school - companies ought to invest in employee development

  33. Asking the right questions at work

  34. Meetings don’t suck, we suck at running them

  35. The difference between a maker’s schedule and a manager’s schedule

  36. DIY career advancement

  37. What the hell is a junior architect?

    1. AIA best-practice architecture titles

    2. What the hell is Junior?

  38. When to let people fail

  39. Jerico is currently piloting a number of project management techniques including:

    1. Project Slack channel

    2. Project Trello boards

      1. Testing the Proving Ground’s work with platform-integrated Trello

    3. Agile workflow

  40. JIRA vs Trello

  41. DISCLAIMER: The Michael McCune call-in was an uncompensated voice actor

  42. Synchronized vomiting

  43. People love it when you compare your cats to their children

  44. Moby vs. Ergo

  45. Babies come out of ladies’ butts

  46. /gif Miley Cyrus chicken

  47. My neck, my back

  48. Giphy vs RightGIF

  49. Topologically a waffle is a pancake


Lightning round:

  1. What book(s) are you reading (to your kids)?

  2. What book(s) are you reading?

  3. What music are you listening to?

  4. If you could have a tea party…

    • “I don’t like tea parties”

  5. Who is Banksy?

    • Probably an old man

    • Scientists have used data from the Designalyze podcast lightning round to reveal Banksy’s identity

    • Brian and Zach are Banksy

  6. WHAT IS ARCHITECTURE???!!! In one sentence.

    • “I don’t think it matters”

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