CUNY: Fall 2013 Intro to Comp/Fab: Week 6

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1 hour and 24 minutes
Zach Downey

In this tutorial we begin looking at creating our own responsive components to populate a surface. The students are asked to create a panel that is based off of 4 inital corner points. All of their geometry afterward must follow from these initial 4 points. In addition to that requirement, the panels must be responsive to an external parametric control. The external control can be any numerical input from any data source, however, the domain of the input must eventually be remapped to fit within a domain from 0.0 to 1.0.  Therefore, during design, the students must ensure that their panels have controls that can operate their panel within this domain. So any apertures, extrusions, etc. that are responsive must work within this domain without breaking the panel. In the example, I illustrated this using random values to test the panels. We also constantly check to see if the panels work by phyically moving our initial rhino test points. In the coming weeks the students will be learning DIVA and applying daylight and solar information to these panels as a geometric driver. If you are interested in using DIVA with Grasshopper take a look at this previous tutorial.   


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