Photoshop to Grasshopper Workflow

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18 minutes
Zach Downey

I was asked to participate in a week long design build workshop at the University of Tennessee.  I was mostly working pretty intensely with the students, but I did two short rhino/grasshopper workshops.  The theme of the workshop and lecture was TRACES - delineating the interaction of physical and digital.  So for this workshop, I illustrated a direct phyical to digital workflow using Grasshopper and Photoshop.  Sketches were made live by hand using a wacom pen and tablet directly into photoshop.  The images were then saved and linked to a grasshopper image map component to generate fabricatable surfaces via a 3 axis cnc mill.  The intent was to illustrate a direct relationship between the hand sketching and the cnc machine tooling.  There is a slight delay in updating the grasshopper surface mainly because I have photoshop on the mac side of my machine and I am running Windows/Rhino/Grasshopper using parallels.  


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