Episode 014 - Bob Yori

Bob Yori

Today, for you, we have, Bob Yori, Senior Digital Design Manager at SOM. This is the first of a series of episodes recorded at CASE. We talk, burgers, music, books, AEC-Apps, and well of course, digital design.



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Show Notes:

  1. Bob Yori is the Digital Design Manager AKA Archduke Chancellor of Digital Design AKA the Artist Formerly Known as the Digital Design Manager of Firmwide Training at SOM New York

  2. Bob loves burgers. Not to be confused with Bob’s Burgers.

  3. Some guy is making all the punny burgers from the show’s regular gag

  4. He’s also releasing it as a cookbook

  5. Zaitzeff is a popular burger joint in FiDi

  6. Our podcast is now taking place at the offices of CASE after a good run at Parabox in DUMBO

  7. Zach joined CASE, where he is paid in BLDGS=DATA t-shirts

  8. Bob worked with CASE to develop AEC-APPS.com, an award-winning software wiki and social network

  9. Brian retired from contributing to AEC-APPS because he wanted to go out a champ

  10. Brian self-identifies as a software taxonomist

  11. Brian is the Lebron James of AEC-APPS

  12. Mike McDearmon, if you’re out there, please come back to AEC-APPS. Brian misses you

  13. Mike lives on at CASE

  14. Mike now works at Pivotal Labs

  15. He also has a band - check out their album on SoundCloud

  16. Food4Rhino is an apps community for the McNeel environment

  17. Before SOM Bob worked at Microsol where he met CASE’s founders Dave Fano, Fed Negro, and Steve Sanderson teaching Revit at SHoP (where the three worked at the time) in 2006

  18. Because he taught Revit to CASE’s founding partners, Bob is technically CASE’s father

  19. Before Parabox, Zach also worked at SHoP, and before that he worked at SMBW in Richmond, VA

  20. SOM worked with CASE to develop their Project Dashboard, which was presented by Nick Scalco at Thornton Tomasetti’s AEC Technology Symposium 2014

  21. Brian used to rapidly pause Super Mario Brothers 1 when Mario had star power so he could see all the alternate color Mario sprites

  22. Will somebody please see Ex Machina?!

  23. The last movie Zach saw in theater was Prometheus

  24. How to make humans

  25. Get pumped - filming for Prometheus 2 to begin in January 2016

  26. Brass Musician might be the lamest magazine of all time

  27. Nope wait just kidding Saxophone Life is way worse

  28. Bob plays the saxophone and slaps the bass and plays a variety of other instruments

  29. Zach once had the schematics to build his own Big Muff effects pedal

  30. Muff Fuzz pedal shootout, which is also the name of Brian’s Alan Parsons Project cover band

  31. Bob loves the sound of a Smokey amp right when the 9v battery is about to die

  32. The iRig lets you plug your guitar in your iPhone so you can be obnoxious on-the-go

  33. Wild drum solo

  34. Cyborg drummer

  35. Rick Allen crushing it as usual

  36. Peter Frampton singing through his guitar was the original autotune

  37. "It's like the T-Pain app but with a hose in your mouth" _Zach

  38. Frampton lives in Cincinnati AKA the Nasty AKA Cincinasty AKA the Nasty ‘Nati but it’s not going well

  39. No one can spell Cincinnati or pronounce Louisville

  40. Designalyze intern benefits:

    • Exciting life in the big city

    • No pay

    • 50% off pre-show coffee limit one coffee per intern

    • 50% off post-show beer limit one per of-age intern

    • Allowed to make eye contact with Brian and Zach duration of podcast only

    • Email REDACTED with subject line “free internships are awesome”

  41. SOM’s Digital Design Group is the Def Leppard of the AEC industry

  42. Def Leppard’s Behind the Music was a real doozie

  43. How firms should approach training

  44. Andragogy is the theory and practice of teaching adults. Not to be confused with androgyny.

  45. CASE uses SOM's Lever House for their Revit training exercises

  46. Calisthenics are exercises that make use of rhythm and the body’s weight rather than using equipment. Sit-ups, for example, are a form of calisthenics

  47. Nanami “Seven Seas” Nagura of Japan was the 2014 Air Guitar World Champion. By all appearances, you don’t actually have to look like you’re playing a guitar to win

  48. Bob Yori was the 2014 Air Revit World Champion, where he introduced the long horizontal glance indicating that his air workstation had dual monitors

  49. Air Rhino is the name of Brian’s sneakers

  50. The Kinsey Scale is a continuum from homosexual to heterosexual developed as a result of Alfred Kinsey (played by Liam Neesons in the 2004 film) and his colleagues’ reasearch which found that most people to not fit into neatly hetero- or homsexual categories

  51. How to terror-proof a tower

  52. Bob refers to WTC 7 simply as “Seven

  53. What is plasma?

  54. AECOM is the largest design firm in the US

  55. If you can’t run with big dogs stay on the porch

  56. Everyone's good at something, even if they're good at not being good at anything

  57. In a double-blind trial, neither the researchers nor the test subjects know who is in the control group and who is in the test group until after the research is complete

  58. Designalyze is not a high priority for Brian or Zach

  59. A team from Purdue won the 2014 Rube Goldberg Machine Contests using an elaborate contraption to zip a woman’s zipper

  60. The entirety of OK Go’s music video for their song “This Too Shall Pass” is a Rube Goldberg machine

  61. The meatspace is the physical world, used to differentiate from virtual worlds

  62. There is actually a Wikipedia entry for “real life

  63. Gentleman, we can rebuild him. We have the technology

  64. The Million Dollar Man’s name was Steve Austin


Lightning round:

  1. What book(s) are you reading right now?

  2. What music are you listening to right now?

  3. What’s your favorite sci-fi film?

  4. What’s your favorite retro-game?

  5. What’s your favorite childhood cartoon?

  6. Describe your productivity ritual.

    • Checks emails first thing in the morning - light of the screen helps him to wake up

    • Ritual coffee and walking his dog Anabelle

    • Uses unread emails as a to-do list

    • Uses Evernote to remember important things

    • Vacillates between the strategic and the tactical

      • Strategy is longer term plan

      • Tactic is quicker reaction to an immediate problem

      • Important to solve tactical problems with a strategic eye

      • Zach is 100% tactical

  7. WHAT IS ARCHITECTURE???!!! In one sentence.

    • The thoughtful approach to habitation


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