Intro to Python Scripting: 23 Recursion Koch Curve

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20 minutes
Zach Downey

In this tutorial we once again take a look at recursion. This time we look at creating the Koch Curve using recursion. This is similar to the C# version I did for the Advanced GH Scripting. In this case we only do it for a line, instead of a polyline but for the most part the logic is similar.  

#Koch Snowflake in python using recursion
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
#get normal/perpendicular vector
def getnormal(pt1,pt2):
    dx = pt2[0] - pt1[0]
    dy = pt2[1] - pt1[1]
    return [-dy,dx,0]
#split line recursive function
def splitlines(lines, count):
    #temp list and clear input list
    templines = lines
    lines = []
    #make sure we have a way to break the recursion
    if count == 0:
        return 1
        for line in templines:
            #get properties of the line (endpts, length, direction, domain)
            stpt = rs.CurveStartPoint(line)
            endpt = rs.CurveEndPoint(line)
            length = rs.Distance(stpt, endpt)
            dir1 = rs.VectorCreate(endpt,stpt)
            crvdomain = rs.CurveDomain(line)
            #parameters for midpt and pts 1/3 and 2/3 along the line
            t0 = crvdomain[1] / 2.0
            t1 = crvdomain[1] / 3.0
            t2 = t1*2
            midpt = rs.EvaluateCurve(line, t0)
            ptatonethird = rs.EvaluateCurve(line, t1)
            ptattwothird = rs.EvaluateCurve(line, t2)
            midpt = rs.AddPoint(midpt)
            #call get normal function
            normal = getnormal(stpt,endpt)
            #move midpt perpendicular to line at 1/3 the length of the line
            scaled = rs.VectorScale(normal,0.3333)
            #create the 4 newlines and add them to the list
            newline1 = rs.AddLine(stpt, ptatonethird)
            newline2 = rs.AddLine(ptatonethird, midpt)
            newline3 = rs.AddLine(midpt, ptattwothird)
            newline4 = rs.AddLine(ptattwothird, endpt)
            #create a list of objects to delete
            cleanup = []
        #don't forget to decrement the count otherwise infinite loop
        count = count - 1
        return splitlines(lines,count)
lines = []
# get two points to start
count = rs.GetInteger("How many iterations would you like to do?", 3)
pt1 = rs.GetPoint("Pick a start point")
pt2 = rs.GetPoint("Pick an end point")
line = rs.AddLine(pt1,pt2)


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really cool tutorial! :) in order to get a 'real' koch curve though, the scale factor for the perpendicular vector should be 0.2887 (resp. sqrt[3]/6) ;)

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